Lame Deer, Montana

Friday, October 1, 2010

My Story

Everyone has a story that explains how they ended up where they are now; mine starts with my amazing family...
Without my family I wouldn't be who I am today. The Lord handpicked my family for me, to guide me, to love me and to pray for me, but that is not where my story ends:) I am so proud to be called to something so much bigger than myself.

I am on my way to Lame Deer, Montana to start a foster home on the Cheyenne Native American Reservation through Sozo Children International. I spent a week there in September getting the house ready and realized that I had a very skewed vision of what I thought the Lord had called me too. I think I thought that I was going to have a happy house full of happy children and I have learned through these past few weeks that is more than likely not going to be the case. But My God is an awesome God and his word has shown me certainty in that where I am weak he is strong and he will guide me every step of the way. My joy is in the Lord! Therefore, I will have a happy home, regardless of the circumstances in the name of Jesus!

I am on my way to Montana now. We decided to drive up and see some fun scenery on the way. It has been a LONG three days, but man I have seen some of God's creation that I would have never seen had I not been given this opportunity. We will have driven through eleven states by Saturday!!! We left on Tuesday and drove from Alabama, to Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and stopped in St. Louis, Missouri. The next day( Wednesday) we woke up and drove through Kansas to Denver, Colorado, and stopped in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Wednesday was the most amazing drive! I got to drive through the Rockies and see mountains like I never knew existed. We also stopped on the side of the highway to look at one of the rivers that run through the mountains. I couldn't help but take my shoes off and get in!! IT WAS FREEZING! But then again, I guess all melted snow is a little bit cold.

 Today we have driven from Salt Lake City to Wyoming then into Idaho and then back into Wyoming. Wyoming has definitely been beautiful. I ate lunch on a balcony overlooking the Teton Mountains. It was so surreal.God never ceases to amaze me, but I have just been in shock the whole drive. I have never seen such beauty as I have in the past two weeks of my life.

 We have stopped again for the night and plan to get up early to go to the Teton and Yellowstone National Park and then off to Billings, Montana to meet up with the rest of my team ( or family I should say ) I tried to take pictures of all the states, but I am doing a terrible job. I have lots of pictures on my phone so, as soon as I figure out how to upload them, I will share some more pictures. Until then, please continue to pray for safe travels. I am so excited to see what it is God has planned for me and the rest of the Sozo Montana Team, including the children. I am nervous, but I know that My God is Sovereign and he reigns over everyone and everything. To Him Be the Glory!

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  1. Erica,

    I'm excited for you and the calling the Lord has laid on your heart. You'll be missed in the south, but I know you're exactly where you're supposed to be. I'm so happy for you. Know that I'll be lifting you up as you pour into these kids. Give them all you have to give day after day and rely on the Lord to refill you daily. He's faithful.